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It me

Hey, I’m Jaye! I’m a software engineer based in the Philippines. I like building and experimenting with tech, and sometimes dabble in a bit of design in the process.

In my spare time, you’ll find me taking photographs, playing games, getting back into reading, or listening to a musical non-stop.

Welcome to my small place in the internet! I write posts mostly about web development (JavaScript and Ruby) and keep a record of previous projects and activities here. Read on to know more about me.

my journey

I didn't realize that discovering the world of HTML and CSS through Tumblr themes and Facebook’s Friends for Sale game a few years back would lead me here. I was fascinated with how you can change a whole website’s appearance by just a few lines of code.

I ended up taking BS Computer Science in university and eventually, started to work in product companies. Along the way, I joined hackathons and conferences, created useful side projects, and learned a ton from my colleagues, firends, and Stack Overflow. 11-year-old me would never have seen it coming. It's far from over though.


Nov 2020
Nov 2020 - Present
Software Engineer

Currently working on creating new features and improving existing ones for the accounting software specifically made for freelancers and sole traders. Lots of exciting stuff to look out for. 👀

Jun 2018
Nov 2020
Jun 2018 - Nov 2020
Full Stack Developer

Worked and headed projects that benefit all in-house operations from stock delivery to order shipment. Headed the front-end web development team for the rebranding of the customer facing site.

Jun 2017
Jul 2017
Jun 2017 - Jul 2017
Software Engineer Intern

Worked as part of the Services team. Built Translation Services which allowed users to avail of freelance services related to foreign languages using PHP and ES6. Performed unit tests with PHPUnit.


2014 - 2018
2014 - 2018
BS Computer Science
Cum laude
University of the Philippines - Diliman


May 2020
May 2020 - Present
3 Seasons and counting
Mobile Legends

Playing Mage, Marksman, or Support. Sometimes Fighter or Tank. Never Assassin. ✌️

Mar 2020
Mar 2020 - Present

Designated person to checkout online orders in the family. Experienced with Shopee, Lazada, BeautyMnl, and Foodpanda. 🛍